Trash Pavilion

"Trash Pavilion" – A living room for everyone in Helsinki

In May 2013, Facebook's "Roskalava HKI" group generated an idea of building a ”Trash Pavilion” constructed of garbage finds and reclaimed construction materials in the core of Helsinki.

In the spirit of a new kind of urban activism, a number of experts in various fields, previously unknown to each other, decided to join forces for implementing the Pavilion which will form an integral part of the Helsinki Festival organized in August.

The Pavilion takes shape interactively, through volunteers' efforts. The underlying principle of the project, driving for experimental culture, recycling and re-use of goods, is that cities should be built, as far as possible, on the basis of ideas and initiatives originating from the city residents.

This community project will provide the Helsinki inhabitants a positive way of taking over their urban space, highlighting the idea of responsible consumption, as well bringing forth perspectives related to goods and their life cycle.